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This section provides information and advice about: advocacy; care support; benefits, debt and housing; home energy and warmth.


Advocacy is when a person, called an advocate, speaks or acts on your behalf and would be independent of the council. Advocacy means having someone who will express your views and wishes, secure your rights and represent your interests.

An advocate safeguards people who are vulnerable by speaking up for them and is there to represent their interests. They enable people with physical or learning disabilities, older people and those with mental health needs to make informed choices and decisions about their own health and social care.

If you think you or someone you know may need an advocate further information on how to access advocacy services can be found at the Council’s information, advice and advocacy support web page.


Information and advice about care and support

Information is the supply of knowledge and facts (e.g. telephone numbers or email addresses) that will help you to find support. Some people just need to know what is available to them so they can explore further what might help. Other people need a more structured discussion (advice) from someone who can listen to their situation and provide guidance on the options available to them.

In Coventry there are a range of organizations that can provide information and advice to adults who need help with care support and their carers. Some organizations also support young people and their families. Details of where to get information and advice on care and support in Coventry

Details of other sources of information and advice about care and support.

Information and advice about benefits, debt and housing

Find out about:

  • the different types of benefits available, the eligibility criteria and how to make a claim;
  • the range of range of advice services commissioned by the Council available to ensure that the advice needs of Coventry residents are met, and
  •  the advice, assessment and assistance to people with a housing need available through the Council’s Housing Options Team service.

Information and advice about benefits, debt and housing


Home energy and warmth information and advice

There are many local and national organizations offering advice, training, expertise and support. We are not responsible for the content of external websites, or the conduct of companies listed, so residents should look at, and take advice, from a variety of organisations.

If you have any queries about getting advice, you can speak to the Council’s Affordable Warmth Team. 

Home energy advice and services

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