Equipment and technology

Equipment and Technology can help to support you or those you care for to manage day to day tasks. It can help to promote and maintain independence, build confidence, provide and give peace of mind. There is a range of equipment and technology that can help you.

Equipment and technology can range from a simple device to turn on a tap to stairlifts and high tech monitoring systems. Some things can be standard equipment with a helpful feature, for example an electric tin opener. Some items are designed for older and/ or disabled people to overcome a particular difficulty, for example a raised toilet seat.

Equipment and technology fall into two categories:

  • Daily living equipment
  • Assistive technology

For further information about these and where to get advice about equipment and technology see below.

Where to get advice about equipment and technology

There is no ‘one size fits all’ and our aim is to help you ensure equipment and technology meets the identified needs of the person and/or their carers. Before buying any equipment its worth getting independent advice to make sure that the type of equipment you’re getting is going to best meet your needs.

The Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) is a national charity that provides free, impartial advice about all types of home adaptation and mobility products for disabled adults and children, older people, their carers and families.

The DLF also have an online tool called AskSARA which can provide information about what items of equipment may help you. This is useful if you are not sure what could help you manage day to day tasks.  

They have produced a range of Factsheets that provide general advice about things to consider when choosing a wide range of daily living equipment. If you would rather speak to someone you can call the DLF helpline 0300 999 0004.

NHS Choices provides a Guide to Care Equipment, Aids & Adaptations

You can get information and advice at the Opal Assessment and Demonstration Centre in Coventry where Occupational Therapists from the Council are available to demonstrate the latest equipment and to offer free advice about a range of possible solutions that may make everyday tasks easier for you. The address is Unit 17-18 Widdrington Road, Bishopgate Business Park, Coventry, CV1 4NA. 

Or alternatively you can complete an online self-assessment and if you wish request a full assessment.

Independent living equipment

There is a wide range of equipment available to help in a variety of situations. These can include

  • Indoor and outdoor handrails
  • Bathing aids
  • Toilet frames
  • Commodes
  • Non slip chair mats
  • Chair raisers to help you get on or off a chair
  • Kettle tippers
  • Trolleys to help you carry food safely

Where to buy independent living equipment

You can find a large range of products that you can buy for yourself online, for example on Amazon. National pharmacy chains such as Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy sell daily living or mobility equipment.  

There are also a number of mobility shops in Coventry that sell a range of equipment and will be able to offer general advice on different pieces of equipment. 

Managing medication

There is equipment and technology available specifically to support people in managing their medication, for example medication tippers. Your local pharmacy may also be able to supply your medication in a dosette box or blister pack to make it easier for you to manage your medication, especially if you take more than one type of medication. 

Medication dispensers are also available which can, dependent on the chosen model, provide visual and/or audio reminders to take medication at the correct time. If a person fails to take the medication, the device raises an alert so that appropriate action can be taken. 

Assistive Technology

There is a range of assistive technology available to help people remain independent.

The technology available can include:

  • Pendant alarms
  • Falls detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Bed & chair sensors
  • Door sensors
  • Medication dispensers

In Coventry, Telecare is an umbrella term used for a variety of equipment and technology, for example sensors to help promote safety wherever the person lives. Sensors can be linked to an internal pager system in the home to alert family members or to the 24hr control centre who can respond appropriately to any alert raised. The Council has a Telecare service and people can self refer into this service. More specialised equipment can include epilepsy sensors, GPS safety devices, flashing beacon, vibrating pillows. Our Telecare Service webpages explain more about different pieces of equipment available.

There is a charge for this service based on the level of support you require. More information on charges is available on the Telecare Service webpages.

The Alzheimer's Society have produced a helpful guide Assistive technology - devices to help with everyday living which explains how devices can support people living with dementia.

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