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Hate Crime Reporting

A hate crime is any incident perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated by prejudice against someone's sex, racial heritage, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

It can include:

  • verbal abuse and harassment
  • threats and intimidation
  • physical assault and violence including sexual violence
  • property damage
  • graffiti
  • offensive mail

What should you do if you suffer hate crime?

If you have suffered - or have witnessed - any incident of hate crime you can:

  • contact the Police by telephoning 101
  • if you are reporting an emergency telephone 999 and ask for the Police
  • contact any of the Reporting Centres or Information Points
  • on-line chat facility and report it online at
  • email
  • text 0790 3674589

If it is your child at school who is being harassed, listen to your child and encourage your child to tell the teacher immediately. If your child tells you, you can approach the school and talk to the teacher and head teacher directly.

If it is happening at work, tell your employer immediately, seek help from your Trade Union or tell the Police.


Who to contact

024 7683 4333
0500 834 333
Emergency out-of-hours 024 7683 2222
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