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Core Childrens Services - Contact Services

Contact Service – information for referring organisations


Core Children's Services has many years experience of delivering a range of contact services including peripatetic contact in the community or family homes, transporting children and young people to and from contact, supervising contact sessions and providing assessment reports. The contact we provide aims to give a positive experience for those using our services.


We accept referrals from a range of organisations including local authorities, boards, trusts, Cafcass, solicitors, courts etc


We provide a robust and safe service which is underpinned by detailed policies and procedures.


How the Contact Service works


  • The referring organisation completes a Referral form and sends it back to the local contact co- ordinator.To request a form please contact us direct
  • A contact Agreement Meeting will be set up with a Core Children's Services Contact Supervisor, a representative from the referring authority and the family.
  • Contact will take place with the appropriate level of supervision
  • After the contact has been undertaken any appropriate reports will be sent to the referring organisation. Parents and young people will also be able to record any comments they may have.
  • After all contacts are finished a final evaluation is completed and sent to the referring organisation.
  • When contact continues there will be an ongoing review of the contact agreement.


Services provided include


  • Supervised contact
  • Assessments and Court reports
  • Escort services
  • Venue hire
  • Tranpsort
  • Activity based contact
  • Indirect contact services

Core Children's Services is accredited by the National Association of Child Contact Centre (NACCC)




Who to contact

0800 622 6114-Freephone no charge for mobile or landline
Head Office 01527 556480
Core Children's Services national website

Other Details


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