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Coventry Haven is a "by women, for women" organisation, fully affiliated to Women's Aid. All staff are female, and you will be able to speak to us without fear of being judged. We will help you and support you in making your own choices without pressure. This is a FREE and confidential service. The Haven also provide safe supported accommodation.


Coventry Haven provides a range of outreach and support services including:


  • Face to Face Support – emotional support and a listening ear. You can make an appointment to come and see us even if you are still in an abusive relationship. You do not have to leave or break up to get our help.
  • Counselling Service – if you think that you might need counselling to help you come to terms with your experience of domestic violence and abuse, your support worker can refer you to our counsellors
  • Legal Advice – a qualified family law solicitor is available once a week to give free initial legal advice on matters relating to family law and domestic violence and abuse including divorcé, child contact and protective orders. The solicitor can take your case forward.
  • Visual Evidence for Victims (VEV) - - if you have been assaulted but do not want to tell the police , we can keep a photographic record of any injuries for you, in case you ever need evidence of the abuse you have experienced.
  • Groups and Coffee Mornings – we regularly set up informal groups in different areas of Coventry, for women who have used our services and want to meet new people, build up confidence and find new friends and interests.

Where to go

Marlborough Road

Who to contact

024 7644 4077
Coventry Haven website

Time / Date Details

Session Information
Opening hours 9.30am-4.30pm
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