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British Deaf Association

The British Deaf Association is the largest Deaf-led organisation in the UK. We represent the British Sign Language community, which is united by shared experiences, history and, most importantly, by language. We celebrate Deaf Culture, Deaf Identity and British Sign Language.

As a member-led organisation our work is focused on achieving equality for Deaf people through campaigning and community engagement. Working with local Deaf Communities is crucial to the success of BDA campaigns and creates opportunities for Deaf people to develop and engage with each other and the wider community.

We are a high profile national charity with a local presence throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We operate in a fast-paced, politicised environment, dealing with complex and often controversial social issues and with multiple stakeholders.

All this is for one aim….to see a society where Sign Language users have the same rights, responsibilities, opportunities and quality of life as everyone else. We will continue to campaign against discrimination and promote BSL, Deaf Identity and our culture until we are successful in eliminating discrimination against Sign Language Users.

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