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Coventry Domestic Violence and Abuse Support Services ( CDVASS)

Information on Domestic Violence and Abuse Services in Coventry

Helpline, single point of access and support to victims in the community

• A Coventry helpline to provide support and information for victims,perpetrators, children and young people and professionals –0800 035 5309

• The helpline provides a single point of access to all victim services and can explain and support access to children’s and perpetrator services.

• Support to victims living in the community including emotional support, support at court, support with property security and signposting to other specialist services.

• A support service to victims from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee communities.

• A peer support service for victims including support groups, workshops and opportunities to meet other people in similar situations.

Support For Children (Defuze)

• Support for children and young people in Coventry up to the age of 18 who are affected by domestic violence and abuse in the home

• Support to children who are most at risk of harm

• One to one and group support

• Support to enable children and young people to talk about their experiences, increase their confidence and improve their safety

• Support and advocacy for children and young people who are involved with the legal system

• Children experiencing domestic violence or abuse at home, parents and carers and professionals should speak to the child’s socialworker or CAF (Common Assessment Framework) key worker to make a referral. Alternatively the CDVASS Helpline can advise on how to access the service.

Service for Perpetrators

• Delivery of the Brighter Futures Perpetrator Programme

• The programme is 10 weeks long and can be delivered on either an individual or group basis to male and female perpetrators aged 16 years and over.

• The programme works by increasing:

- Self – efficiency

- Self –esteem

- Insight into problem behaviors and their impact on others

- Emotion regulation skills

- Problem solving skills

- Taking personal responsibility for problematic relationship behaviors

• To make a referral contact the helpline. Police, probation and social care will have direct referral routes.

Victim Supported Accommodation

Accommodation includes:

• A mix of furnished self-contained and shared individual and family accommodation.

• Women-only accommodation with separate units for male victims.

• Accommodation adapted for physical and sensory impairments and for carers.

• Provision for pets in self-contained units.

Support includes:

• Comprehensive individual risk and need assessments.

• Comprehensive safety and practical and emotional support planning.

• Individual one to one case work and group support sessions.

• Multi-lingual staff and culturally specific support including forced marriage, ‘honour’-based violence and female genital mutilation.

• Signposting to other relevant specialist services.

• Emergency referrals 24/7.

For support,information and to access service ring 0800 035 5309

Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 20.30, week ends from 09.30 to 17.30


Who to contact

0800 035 5309-Freephone no charge for mobile or landlines

Other Details


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