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Age UK Coventry and Warwickshire - Money Management

Our Money Management Service can offer support in the following ways:
- Appointeeship
- Deputyship (through the Court of Protection)
- Lasting Power of Attorney
- Cash Collection

Appointeeship and Deputyship

When people are no longer able to manage their own money, they can be very vulnerable to exploitation and abuse or not be able to remain in their own home.

  • We take on a legal role to look after benefits and other income, pay bills and ensure our clients receive a regular supply of cash.

Lasting Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney allows someone to make decisions on your behalf, should there come a time when you lack mental capacity to do so yourself.

  • ‘Mental capacity’ means being able to make decisions. They could be about everyday things like what to wear or when to pay a bill, or more important decisions like making a will and deciding where to live. Someone can lack mental capacity because of an injury or condition, such as a car accident, stroke or dementia. Some people may have capacity to make decisions about some things but not others, or their capacity to make decisions may change from day to day.

Cash Collection

This service helps those clients who, because of physical frailty, are unable to get to the bank to access their money and have no suitable person to act for them

  • We can provide regular visits to enable access to cash and assist with paying bills.


Who to contact

024 7693 9476
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