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Royal Association for Deaf People

RAD's Children, Youth and Families Services supports both deaf parents and their families, and deaf children and their families by organising family events, support groups and activities for children and young people. We recognise the isolation that young deaf people face and for this reason many of our activities welcome people with all levels of hearing impairment, as well as their friends and siblings.

Through our projects we provide:

  • Information and support
  • Parent support groups
  • Family events
  • Access to mainstream youth projects
  • Youth-led activities
  • Deaf role models
  • Volunteer opportunities

Family Events

Our monthly family events for Essex-based families support both deaf parents and their families, and deaf children and their families. Organised in partnership with Essex Deaf Children's Society, we offer a wide variety of events such as quad biking, pottery workshops, signed storytelling and visits to places such as Colchester Zoo, with communication support provided.

Extending Opportunities for Deaf Children

By providing volunteer communication support, we enable deaf children to access mainstream activities and become fully involved in their local community. Through providing deaf awareness sessions to mainstream leisure providers, we help improve the inclusion of deaf children. We also offer out-of-school activities such as art workshops and summer camps.

Parents and Carers Support

We run monthly support groups for parents and carers, enabling them to come together and learn from each other's experience whilst providing one-off information sessions, presentations from guest speakers and workshops on a range of topics such as accessing benefits.

Youth-led Activities for Young Deaf People

RAD's Youth Service enables those aged 13 - 25 to meet and have fun socially with their own peer group by involving young deaf people in the planning and delivery of a wide range of activities. Examples of activities include cookery skills, driving courses, employment workshops and summer residentials. Further information on RAD's Youth Service can be found on the website

Minicom - 0845 688 2527

SMS - 07851 423866 

Who to contact

0300 688 2525
Text phone - 0300 688 2527
SMS - 07851 423866
You are advised to check with your telephone provider for call costs to this number
From a landline calls could cost 3p to 18p per minute from a mobile calls could cost from 6p to 51 p per minute

Other Details


Age Ranges
13 to 25 years of age
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