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Children and Families First Teams ( previously Social Care )

Children and Families First Teams work across Coventry and offer support to children and young people aged 0 – 19 years and their families to improve family life and stop issues becoming more serious.


Children and Families First Teams work with the family as part of the Common Assessment Framework, where the family and children and young people are involved in making decisions about the support they should receive.


Children and Families First Teams provide practical support based on the needs of the family. This could be working with families in the home to solve a particular issue (such as bed time routines or budgeting), or linking families to other services. Children and Family Workers (Key Workers),Childrens and Families Worker Schools and Children's Centre workers are part of this team


Families can contact the service directly by calling one of the three teams in Coventry


  • The North East team is based at Moathouse Leisure Centre  Winston Avenue  Wood End Coventry CV2 1DX
  • The North West team is based at 82 Moseley Avenue  Coundon Coventry CV6 1AB
  • The South team is based at 312 Charter Avenue  Canley Coventry CV4 8DA

Who to contact

North East Team on 024 7678 6808
North West Team on 024 7678 6879
South Team on 024 7678 6810
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