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Family Links Antenatal Programme

The "Welcome to the World " programme is a 5 week group course for parents who are expecting a baby.  Women can attend with their partner or supporter.

The focus of the course is to support parents with bonding, attachment and attunement with the new baby and getting them prepared for family life with a new baby. We also have practical tasks as part of the course – nappies, bathing the baby etc.

We have support from the midwife and infant feeding team on week 5 of the course.

If you would like to attend one of these programmes the referral form can be found at or click on the link below. For more information see the downloads on the right of this page.

Who to contact

024 7678 6949
Freephone 0800 434 6127 - no charge for mobile or landline
Positive Parenting website

Other Details


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