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The Mix (formerly Youthnet and Get Connected)

The Mix is the UK’s first exclusively online charity. We guide and support young people, enabling them to make informed choices, participate in society and achieve their ambitions


The Mix is the UK’s leading online charity, providing advice; information and support to young people aged under 25 through digital and phone services.


We provide emotional support to young people through online advice and guidance, and help them give back by providing a fast, easy route to all types of volunteering.

We do this through three complementary online services: – the guide to life for 16 to 25 year-olds


 Do-it – the UK’s leading volunteering resource – a first port-of-call for work and study issues


Through our work and research, we know that every day young people turn to the internet for information, advice and support.  It provides an instant, anonymous, way for young people to access help and support whenever and wherever they need it.  We never close, we never switch off. Young people can access our services any time of day or night.


At YouthNet, we believe we are stronger through collaboration, participation and partnerships.  To see how you join hundreds of other organisations and individuals who help us make a difference, visit the get involved section of our website.


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The Mix
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