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Ataxia UK

Ataxia means 'lack of order'. People with ataxia have problems with movement, balance and speech. Over 10,000 people in the Uk have a form of ataxia. There is currently no cure but we are working to find one every day.

Ataxia UK works in two main ways:we fund research into finding treatments and a cure for ataxia, and we support people through our range of services.

Services we offer include:-

  • Helpline and Advocacy service
  • A range of free information resources and publications, including a quarterley magazine free to Friends (members)  
  • Regular events round the country
  • Support through local groups and branches
  • A range of grants to help with extra costs from having ataxia.

We also work to improve treatment and care for people affected by ataxia


Who to contact

Helpline:- 0845 644 0606
You are advised to check with your telephone provider for call costs to this number
From a landline calls to an 0845 number could cost 3p to 18p per minute from a mobile calls could cost from 6p to 51 p per minute

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