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Route 21

Route 21 provides social work and personal adviser support to young people aged 15+ who are beginning the transition to leaving care and those who are now living independently. Our Social Workers and Aftercare Advisers work directly with young people and undertake a variety of specific tasks in partnership with workers and carers, as agreed in the young person's Pathway Plan.

Transition to adulthood is often a turbulent time: transitions are no longer always sequential - leaving education, work, relationship, setting up home, parenthood. Young people can become adult in one area but not in others. For many young adults, their transition to adulthood can be extended and delayed until they are emotionally and financially ready and they have the qualifications they need and aspire to, so that they have the opportunity to achieve their economic potential. Young people from care may not have this option. Whilst most young people know they can call on the support of their families to help them through unforeseen difficulties, care leavers may not be able to rely on unqualified support if things do not work out as they make their journey into adulthood.

Care leavers should expect the same level of care and support that others would expect from a reasonable parent. The Route 21 Team helps ensure that care leavers are provided with the opportunities they need, which will include offering them more than one chance as they grapple with taking on the responsibilities of adulthood.

Where to go

Route 21
Southfields Old School
South Street

Who to contact

024 7678 7808

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Age Ranges
15 to 21 years
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