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Mankind Initiative

The ManKind Initiative is a national charity that provides help and support for male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence.

Domestic abuse affects people from all walks of life regardless of gender, sexual orientation or race.

Men, in particular, suffer because of the lack of recognition and awareness by society and often the lack of local services available to support them.

The ManKind Initiative is committed to:

  • Ensuring male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence receive the help they need.
  • Challenging the lack of recognition and awareness by society.
  • Ensuring that the police, councils, the NHS and the Government provide adequate services and support to male victims at a national and local level.
  • Ensuring that safe houses, services and information campaigns are made available to support male victims.
  • Removing gender politics from the issue of domestic abuse and ensuring that both male and female victims are treated as equals.
  • Ensuring that statutory agencies, in particular, the Government, the police, local authorities, the NHS and the Crown Prosecution Service fully comply with the Gender Equality Duty and other legislation in supporting male victims.

To achieve our objectives, the charity undertakes a number of core activities:-

  • We run a helpline manned by trained people who give information and support on all aspects of domestic abuse and domestic violence including reporting incidents, police procedures, housing, benefits and injunctions.
  • We refer people to refuges, local authorities and other support services, where appropriate.
  • We provide specialist training and give presentations and talks to statutory agencies and other organisations on how they can support male victims within their communities.
  • The charity provides education and training support that shows that domestic abuse is a crime against the individual and that domestic abuse is not a gendered crime. Those that support the latter do not view all domestic abuse victims as equals.
  • We campaign for more recognition, services and support for male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence both at a national and local level.


Flook House, Belvedere Road , Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1BT
01823 334244

For your personal safety, we will not respond to email requests from victims seeking help, please call

Who to contact

01823 334244
Mankind Initiative website

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Opening times to be Monday to Thursday 10:00 to 16:00.
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