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Myton Hospice - Rainbow Ripples

Children are affected by the serious illness or death of a close family member.

‘Rainbow Ripples’ offers direct support for children or indirect support through parents or others within the family.This service is available to all relatives of Myton Hospice patients.If you do not have a connection to the hospice we are unable to provide the full range of services,but may be able to offer telephone advice and support.

 There are 3 main areas of support

  • One to one work – child and counsellor
  • Support/advice/counselling one to one with an adult member of the family
  • Group activities with children of a similar age, including those listed below at our Warwick and Coventry sites
  • One to one work with children consists of choosing an appropriate method of communication with the child eg. talking, play therapy, art work or a combination of several.
  • Group activities with children within the same age groups, allow them to share activities with children who have had a similar experience. To know they are not alone in their experience often helps children to express their feelings more clearly.
  • Often adults have a fear that telling a child the truth will hurt. It will, but not to tell the child the truth may hurt more. Sometimes parents need help and support in order to find the courage to speak openly and honestly with their children.

Rainbow Ripples’ counsellors are available to support the parents during this difficult time.

Who to contact

01926 492518
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