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Alcohol Mediation Services-Compass-Cyrenians

Are you worried about your own drug or alcohol use?

Are you worried about someone else's drug or alcohol use?

Are you worried about poor sexual health, unhealthy relationships or teenage pregnancy?

Are you under 18 years old and living in Coventry?

What does Compass offer?

  • We can provide you with up to date information and advice about drug and alcohol related issues
  • We can provide you with information about sexual health, contraception, healthy and unhealthy relationships or other risky behaviours
  • Provide support to you on an individual basis or in a group
  • We can help you to reduce the harm you may be causing to yourself or others
  • We can help you think about how drugs or alcohol is affecting your life and whether you want to cut down or stop using altogether.

We will listen to you............

We will not judge you..........

You can decide what you want to talk to us about. We will go at a pace that is right for you and is led by you. Compass is a friendly, easy to use service and we will meet up with you at a place that is best for you. We can meet you at our Central base and we regularly see young people in schools, youth clubs, Connexions and lots of other places that are easy for you to get to.

Who will we tell?

No one if you don't want us to.

We will encourage you to confide in the people that matter to you most (e.g. family, teachers or friends) and we can help you talk to them about the problems you are experiencing. However we will not share any information about you without talking to you first and only then if we thought you were at significant risk of harm or if we think it will be of benefit to you. When we meet you for the first time we will explain our confidentiality policy to you and explain what you can expect from us as a service.

How do I contact Compass?

LOCAL NUMBER 02476 251653




Where to go

12 Warwick Row
City Centre

Who to contact

024 7625 1653
Compass website

Time / Date Details

Session Information
Monday to Thursday from 09:00 - 17:00
Friday from 09:00 - 16:30

Other Details


Age Ranges
14 years to 18 years
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