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School Admission Appeals

We will write to you to explain the reasons why it was not possible to offer you a place at your preferred school and the process for appealing against this decision.

The Finance and Legal Services Directorate of the City Council is responsible for administering the arrangements for appeals for Community Schools and ensuring that they are heard by an Independent Appeal Panel made up of people who have no connection at all with the original decision.

The responsibility for appeals for Academy, Church of England, Trust and Voluntary Aided Catholic Schools rests with the individual schools. Parents who are refused places will be advised of the arrangements for making an appeal or should contact the school.

The decision of an Appeal Panel is binding on the Admissions Authority/School. If your appeal is unsuccessful, you may not appeal for the same school within the same academic year unless there has been a material or significant change to your circumstances

Acceptance of a place at another school does not affect your right to appeal for a place at your preferred school. This may be particularly important as following the initial allocation of places, parents who have been refused places at their preferred school will request a place at another school. This could mean by the time appeals have been heard that the choice of alternative schools with places available could be limited.

To know more about how to appeal and/or what happens at an appeal please visit or contact :

If you want to mke an appeal you will need to go on-line and submit your query 


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