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Refugee Centre Women's Group

Women can feel very isolated and find it hard to integrate into UK life as most refugees (around 90%) are males that have had to leave their families behind in their countries of origin, so a social group specifically for women is run every Wednesday.


The Women's group is a safe, relaxed and positive environment where women from all cultures and backgrounds can feel accepted and can begin their journey to settle in our community. Friendships are encouraged to flourish with opportunities to participate in English language and cultural learning, and activities such as sewing and handicrafts.

Many women accessing the group start out lacking confidence and are socially isolated. To help rebuild their sense of self whilst growing their confidence of communicating in English, the group provides English support in an unpressurised, fun, stimulating and interactive way.


The Women's group welcomes all women- it gives women the opportunity to stay in touch with the friends they have made and also meet new women.


We also need volunteers to help with administration and also join in to support the activities – if you can give up some of your time please let us know.

Where to go

Hillfield's Childrens Centre
Clifton Street

Who to contact

02476 227254

Time / Date Details

Session Information
Thursday during school term time
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