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Fatherhood Institute

The Fatherhood Institute has three ongoing concerns:

  • To change work so that fathers can be more available to care for their children. We want to see more fathers, including fathers on low incomes, working flexibly and part-time, and taking more leave off for caring.
  • To change education so that boys are prepared for future caring roles and boys and girls are prepared for the future sharing of these roles. We want to see children and young people discussing gender inequalities and understanding that mothers and fathers experience pressure to specialise in caring and earning roles, and that mothers and fathers should have a similar range of choices over their caring roles, not limited by gender. We want to see more encouragement of boys into childcare careers.
  • To change supports to family life so that the caring role of fathers and father-figures is recognised and strongly supported. We want laws, policies and public services to encourage and enable fathers to invest more of their time and energy in the direct care of their children. We want all health, education, family and children’s services to be “father-inclusive” – that is, to support fathers in their caring roles as seriously as they currently support mothers..

Who to contact

0845 634 1328
You are advised to check with your telephone provider for call costs to this number
From a landline calls to an 0845 number could cost 3p to 18p per minute from a mobile calls could cost from 6p to 51 p per minute
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