Personal Independence Payment ( PIP)

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What is PIP?

PIP helps towards some of the extra costs arising from a long term ill-health condition or disability and is based on how a person's condition affects them, not the condition they have. It is not means-tested or subject to tax and it is payable to people who are both in and out of work.

How will my child be assessed?

PIP is based on assessment of individual need. It will not consider what impairment an individual has,labelling them simply on this basis.Instead it will consider how their impairment affects their life,considering their ability to carry out a range of everyday activities.Information will be gathered from the individual,as well as healthcare and other professionals who work with and support them.It includes regular reviews so that individuals continue to get the right support.

How do I find out more ?

The Department for Work and Pensions has published information about PIP for both new and existing DLA claimants.This includes a "PIP checker" for claimants to quickly find out when PIP might affect them,Frequently Asked Questions about the PIP benefits and a PIP Myth Buster.To find this and to find out more,visit

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