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NHS Information Service for Parents website

The Information Service for Parents offers a series of emails and text messages for mums and dads. Parents can sign up to receive:

  • both emails and text messages or
  • just emails or
  • just text messages

You can also join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Once you've signed up, you'll receive regular emails and/or text messages tailored to your stage of pregnancy or baby's age. They cover a range of topics, including your baby's development, preparing for labour, coping with sleepless nights, looking after your own health, choosing childcare, making sure you get the benefits you're entitled to and who's there to support you.

The emails link to trusted, regularly updated sources of NHS-accredited health information such as the Pregnancy and baby guide on NHS Choices (, which is based on the Department of Health’s Pregnancy and Birth to Five books, as well as to other useful sources of information about parenting, money and rights.

The text messages will provide nuggets of information and advice, plus the telephone numbers of helplines you can call for further advice.

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