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Protective Behaviours Foundation Level Training - Creative Optimistic Visions

The two day Protective Behaviours Foundation Level course has been certificated and endorsed by the Protective Behaviours Consortium (PBC), the national organisation for Protective Behaviours in the UK, including The Feeling Safe Foundation.  

The aim of the training is to enable participants to use and develop the Protective Behaviours Process in their working environment, complimenting their working practice.

The Protective Behaviours Process is a practical down to earth approach to personal safety, encouraging self-empowerment and providing the skills to enable people to avoid being victimised.  This is achieved by helping people to recognise and trust their intuitive feelings and develop strategies for self-protection.  

Creative Optimistic Visions carries out activities to promote the right of everyone to feel safe all the time through the principles and practice of the Protective Behaviours Process.

The Protective Behaviours (PBs) process is about every persons human right to 'feel safe'. It starts by recognising when someone feels safe and enables them to understand when they might not be feeling safe. It provides the skills and strategies to help an individual take action and get help when they need it to feel safe again. 

Protective Behaviours recognises that life is also about taking risks and trying new things and that this is an important part of personal development and an important life skill for learning how to respond to challenges. The Protective Behaviours Process has been used and adapted for many settings. It has been used successfully in a wide range of contexts such as for conflict resolution, bullying prevention, supporting people affected by domestic violence, abuse prevention and in safeguarding practice. 

Where to go

Unit 11
Steeple House
Percy Street

Please note we can provide training at our venue to small groups, however we most often deliver at a mutual training location or at the location of the organisation booking the course.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Stacey - Jade Mason
Contact Position
02476 559 401
Protective Behaviours Training

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Other notes

Our core values are we all have the right to feel safe all the time and we can talk with someone about anything even if it is awful or small, therefore we tailor our services to meet the needs of our audience. We provide services for children, young people and adults with universal needs as well as supporting individuals that have more complex needs. We provide support and training for practitioners working with vulnerable children, young people and adults.

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Creative Optimistic Visions facilitates their services across the UK.

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