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Ethnic Minority Achievement Service - EMAS - Services for Schools

Ethnic Minority Achievement Service (EMAS) formerly MGSS, is a renowned provider of specialist staff, support and advice in respect of young people from a minority ethnic heritage. The service employs over 100 specialist staff speaking in excess of 70 different languages. They include experienced teachers, with UK and/or overseas qualifications, qualified and/or experienced Multilingual Assistants (interpreters and translators), people with experience of Home Office immigration practice and those with a detailed knowledge and understanding of a range of cultures from across the world.

Whether your school needs to meet the specific needs of students recently arrived from overseas, more advanced bilingual learners, or the strategic management of these issues, including Racial Incident Reporting, EMAS will provide a prompt and flexible service that is designed to meet your particular need.

EMAS can provide:
• Bespoke and/or centrally based training, for meeting the individual needs and/or raising the achievement, of students from a minority ethnic heritage and in particular those from the Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT) community;
• Multilingual Assistants (MLAs) that are trained and DBS cleared for medium to long term deployments in schools for up to 35 hours a week and to facilitate language and cultural support for specific meetings (minimum 2.5 hours)
• Specialist, multilingual staff in support of the admission, induction and ongoing educational provision for students of an East European Gypsy Roma Traveller Heritage (GRT)
• Support for the admission process into schools for children who are recently arrived from overseas, including the provision of background information on issues relating to previous school experience, safeguarding and family situation post admission;
• Strategic advice and support to inclusion managers, in managing the needs of their minority ethnic heritage pupils through the development of whole school policy and good practice;
• An emergency response service for senior staff, to include the management of safeguarding and child protection issues, attendance, immigration concerns and the management of racist incidents.
• Instructors for school based classes, up to and including GCSE, AS and A level, in a range of modern foreign languages and/or acting as an examiner for associated oral examinations

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Who to contact

024 7697 5491

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Age Ranges
4 to 19 years
Other notes

Early Help-Targeted service This service is available to some children, young people and families whose children have additional needs. These services have criteria that need to be met in order to access this service.

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