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Potential Plus UK

Potential Plus UK is the UK's foremost membership charity that deals with all aspects of giftedness in children.

Individuals, parents and organisations are welcome as members.

We strive to support those who are directly involved with children with high potential - parents,teachers,schools and medical professionals - as well as advising policy makers at national and local levels.


To help us achieve these objectives we offer:


  • Advocacy and lobbying to all the key stakeholders in the gifted and talented arena so that the voice of parents is heard and understood.


  • An Information Line and Consultancy Service for children and young people, parents and organisations working with these groups.


  • The 30 minutes telephone Consultancy calls are a bookable service, which is free to Potential Plus UK members.  There is a £30.00 charge for non-members. 


  • A website that has all the latest information about issues surrounding giftedness, significant links, helpful ideas, and access to discussion boards so that concerns and experiences can be shared with other members.


Branches and regular Explorer Activity Clubs in 8 locations throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland to support parents and children. In addition to branches we have informal Family Network Groups where parents meet on an ad hoc basis if that is what they would prefer.


Our immediate objectives are:


  • To provide help, support and encouragement to high potential children, their families (especially parents) and all others involved in their education and welfare.
  • To increase national and international awareness of high potential and the understanding of the emotional, social and educational needs of gifted and talented young people.
  • To enable children from all backgrounds, including children with learning difficulties, to convert their potential into achievement.
  •  Regular Focus on Potential updates with reference to website articles and information.
  •  FUSE: a termly children's e-zine full of exciting, informative articles and activities
  •  Potential Plus UK week ends to enthuse, educate and entertain, including members' priority booking and early bird discounts. This is always an extensive parallel programme for parents and children as well as a seperate programme ( The Enigma Challenge ) for older children aged 13 years plus
  •  Regional Activity Days are planned throughout the country where families who cannot make the Family Day can join in fun activities and meet other families with gifted children. Details are posted on our website as soon as they are known.
  •  E-newsletter from the Chief Executive, keeping you informed about Gifted and Talented issues, Potential UK initiatives and other opportunities

Who to contact

01908 646433

Time / Date Details

Session Information
Our office telephone line 01908 646433 is open Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 13:00.
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
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