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Registering a birth

Where and when to register a birth

Every birth in England or Wales must be registered in the district in which it takes place within 42 days of the date of birth. Information for the registration is given to the registrar by the person registering the birth. The information, which is usually recorded on computer, is also recorded in the birth register and the person registering the birth signs the record.

If it is inconvenient to go to the district where the birth took place, the information for the registration may be given to a registrar in another district. The registrar will record the registration particulars on a form of declaration and send it to the registrar for the district where the birth occurred. The registrar who receives the declaration will enter the information in the birth register. Certificates of the birth, which may be ordered and paid for at the time of making the declaration, will be posted by the registrar for the district where the birth took place.

The baby does not need to be taken to the registrar's office to show that the birth has taken place. The local health authority or the hospital where the birth occurred will notify the registrar of the birth.

Coventry Register Office operates an appointment system for registration. To make an appointment please contact us.

You can make an appointment online to register a birth.

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