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MASH - Coventry's Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub

The Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) brings key professionals together to facilitate early, better quality information sharing, analysis and decision-making, to safeguard vulnerable children, young people more effectively.

Around 23 staff from across health, social care, the police, education, probation and community safety will be based in the MASH at any one time at its base in Christchurch House in the City Centre.

However, the MASH is not a new ‘front door’ for safeguarding concerns. All staff will continue to report concerns in the same way that you do now and your safeguarding role and responsibilities will not change. The difference will be the MASH will provide more timely access to a range of partner agency information which will build a picture and enable us to understand the level of risk

What will the MASH do?

The MASH will work alongside the city council’s social care referral and assessment service (RAS) collating information and intelligence across partners.

The Coventry MASH will provide the highest level of knowledge to ensure all safeguarding activity and intervention is timely, proportionate and necessary for keeping vulnerable children safe.

This ensures each partner is in the best position to make effective decisions and the relevant agency takes on the referral.

How will the MASH work?

For concerns that meet the social care threshold, representatives from the different agencies will collate information from their respective sources to build up a picture of the circumstances of the case and the associated risks to the child and their family.

As a result, better decisions will be made about what action to take and support will be more timely and appropriate.

Feedback will also be given to professionals reporting concerns. Better co-ordination between agencies will lead to an improved service for children and families.

What happens after the safeguarding concern?

If the child or young person is thought to have been harmed or could be harmed in the future, they will be referred to Coventry City Council’s social care referral and assessment service (RAS). Information could also be given to police officers if it is necessary to help stop or solve a crime.

If the child or young person has not been harmed but we think they or their parent/carer would benefit from extra help, then their details will be passed onto the most appropriate service so that they get the support they need.

What does the MASH mean for me?

The MASH is not a new 'front door' replacing any existing services.  It actually extends the existing 'front door' so that the checks required on new/existing referrals are much more timely.
Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. You still need to report concerns in the same way that you do now as your safeguarding role and responsibilities will not change.
All the numbers for reporting a concern remain the same.

Thresholds will not change. They will be applied and will determine the referrals for the MASH.

For visiting service users  Tel: 024 7678 8555 Referral and Assessment Service, 3 Upper Precinct, Coventry, CV1 1FS 

Who to contact

024 7678 8555
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