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Education Welfare

The Education welfare service is a team of Local Authority School Workers whose aim is to improve school attendance.

We have knowledge and experience of:

  • Problems (in or out of school) that may reduce attendance
  • The special support, usually involving school, parents/carers and ourselves, that is likely to improve attendance.

We all have, or are working to gain, specialist qualifications.

We work with children and parents/carers, together with schools and the Local Education Authority, to promote school attendance so that children can take advantage of the opportunities available to them.

When we become involved we usually:

  • Talk with your child's teachers
  • Talk with other school staff involved
  • Meet with you
  • Talk with other people involved with your child (e.g. Social Worker).

This will help enable us to work together with your child, yourself and school to improve your child's attendance. As part of this work, we will advise you of any other services that may help to promote your child's attendance. Where necessary we will produce a termly attendance plan. You will be invited to contribute to the plan and you will receive a copy of the plan.

If your child's school attendance remains very low, and you have not fully co-operated with the school and others to improve your child's attendance, then the local authority may have no alternative but to prosecute you under the Education Act (1996). When this happens the Local Authority School Workers will be asked to write a report for the Court describing the special arrangements made to improve your child's attendance. We also monitor child employment, performance licence and licensed chaperones in the city to ensure that children are not exploited and that their work does not interfere with school attendance.

 Acadamies have their own attendance and safeguarding officers.

Where to go

Coundon Social Care Office
82 Moseley Avenue

Who to contact

024 7678 6879

Other Details


Age Ranges
From 0 years to 16 years
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