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Integrated Early Years Support Service (formerly Pre-School Education Service)

We are a team of specialist teachers, nursery nurses and learning support assistants who provide learning and behaviour support at home and early years settings for young children who are experiencing difficulties with their development.

We have knowledge and experience of:

  • things that affect early learning development and behaviour
  • the special support, primarily involving parents/carers, early years settings, education and ourselves, that is likely to improve learning and behaviour.

We all have significant training, experience and skills in this specialist field

What do we do?

We work with parents/carers, children, early years practitioners, teachers and the local education authority to promote children's early learning and behaviour by:

  • assessment of learning and behaviour difficulties
  • provision of advice, guidance and support to parents/carers on special methods, approaches and resources
  • provision of specialist teaching and learning support directly to individual children or groups of children at home, in settings and education 
  • access to specialist play and learning resources
  • training for parents, practitioners and teachers
  • teaching within a early education specialist unit
  • monitoring children's progress in partnership with other agencies who may be involved with the child.


Where to go

Integrated Early Years Support Service
Limbrick Wood Centre
Thomas Naul Croft
Tile Hill

Who to contact

024 7678 5646
Early Years Support Service- Specialist Teacher Team 024 7636 7075
SENCO Team Tel: 024 7685 4736

Other Details


Age Ranges
From 0 years to 4 years
Referral required
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