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Children's Boot Fund

Parents or guardians of children attending school in Coventry, who find themselves in need of help, may apply to school for an application form for assistance from the Children's Boot Fund. Very often the child's teacher will recognise a need and sympathetically encourage an application. The completed form is returned to the head teacher to endorse, and then sent to the Charity secretary who will place it before the committee for consideration. There are four allocations yearly. Successful candidates are issues with a voucher and instructions and in exchange for the voucher will receive good quality properly fitted shoes suitable for school. Although footwear must be suitable for school, the choice is the recipients, so that the child will be happy with their new shoes.


Who qualifies?


The basic qualification are that the needy child who requires new school shoes is of school age, and a regular attendee at a Coventry school. We try to help as many families as possible therefore normally only one child per family is granted a voucher within a twelve month period, but we can make exceptions for families in difficult circumstances. Twins are usually each given shoes. School leavers may be granted shoes for attending interviews. Applications from social Care, Homes and Institutions are also considered. Children in Coventry schools.

123A Birmingham Road, Coventry CV5 9GR


Where to go

PO Box 3124

Who to contact

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