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Stay and Play groups

This is an informal group (also known as parent toddler groups) where parents/carers of children aged 0 – 4 years meet in a local venue to socialise with other parents/carers and give children the opportunity to interact with children of a similar age. Often activities are provided such as messy play and singing time and your child will have the opportunity to try out new experiences.

The groups can be held at various venues such as church halls, community centres, schools etc and are usually closed in school holidays.

Everybody who cares for a child under 4 years of age is welcome to attend; there are often grandparents, childcarers and relatives at the groups. You do not have to live in the local area to attend most groups; just turn up on the day and time stated and somebody will make you welcome. There may be an organiser at the group who will explain on your first visit how the group operates; we have provided telephone numbers if you would rather ask questions in advance.

These groups rely heavily on all parents/carers attending the group to become involved in some way and you may have to pay a small charge or make a donation to cover costs.

 Please note that the groups are not required to register with Ofsted (who are the organisation that register and inspect childcare) as a parent/carer will be supervising their own child at all times; please be aware of Health and Safety issues at all times. Please ensure that the group caters for your child's needs; we have indicated a suggested age group on the details provided.

Some groups may have a waiting list; please contact the group directly for further details.

Details of your local Stay and Play sessions can be found on this website, go to the Whats on Tab and click search.

Who to contact

024 7683 4373
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