Our web service is a FREE 24 hour relationship support service based on our tried and tested Helping Process.


Practitioners can use the Helping Process in their work with parent to mirror the way they work in a face to face setting.


Parents like following the Helping Process because it offers them a simple step by step approach, especially if they are feeling overwhelmed or stuck.


What is on the site that parents can use?


The Check It Out section includes a wide range of articles including short films helping parents to explore common relationship issues.


The Talk It Out section is an online forum where parents share experiences with others. This forum is moderated by the Talk It Out team – a team of counsellors who have many years experience helping couples to work things out in their relationship


The Work It Out section is the most innovative section: once registered, parents can access their own private "space" with articles and resources relevant to individual circumstances and goals for working on their relationship. If a partner registers too they will be able to create a "couple space" where they can work things out together!


Of course we all want face to face help for some issues: but when it comes to making sense of our most personal relationships many parents like knowing that using allows them to remain anonymous. Especially those parents who are embarrassed to discuss their private relationships with practitioners. They also like the accessibility of an online service – available to use wherever and whenever they need it most.


Some of the ways practitioners can use the to work with families:


1)      Downloading information to share with parents to help them explore difficult relationship issues


2)      Signposting parents to specific topics and resources to look at either on their own or with you – adding value to the support you offer.


3)      Distressed parents are distracted parents – there are many resources on the site that explore the various impacts on children of troubled relationships


4)      Accessing parts of the site with a parent either to give general background on relationship issues or to look at a particular topic in depth – such as conflict, the impact of a new baby on a relationship or money arguments to gain a better understanding.


5)      Using some of films and animations to support parents with low literacy levels to understand relationship issue


6)      Supporting parents to select exercises and resources that will help them understand and make changes to their relationship.


7)      Encouraging parents to use the private diary and " personal space" when making plans and reviewing any changes they've made ( even better if they have a partner and a shared diary and " couple space" )


8)      Encouraging parents to talk to others in similar situations buy using the Talk It Out forum – in doing so, parents can be empowered, feel less isolated and give and receive valuable peer support in a safe anonymous environment.




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