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Water Babies

baby swimming - teach your baby a core skill that can potentially save their life...


Welcome to the amazing world of baby swimming. You'll find that a Water Babies course is very different to traditional swimming lessons. With the main emphasis on having fun, the course is also highly structured, with a carefully designed, progressive lesson plan for each of the 10 weeks.



Our unique methods will enable your baby to feel at ease swimming both above and below the water's surface, and they'll love the sensation of floating in such a warm, calm atmosphere.



Another highlight is a wonderful underwater photo of your baby - once they've had enough training for this very special experience. Uniquely, we have our own in-house, award winning team who create tens of thousands of these beautiful images each year. 


Courses available at Foxford Leisure Centre CV6 6BB, Hoilday Inn Walsgrave CV2 2HP 




Who to contact

01926 940727
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