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Our Small Grants programme provides a high quality, personal, and fast response to families living in crisis, when there is no one else that can help. Families living in poverty in the UK can often lack basic items such as a bed, a cooker, a fridge-freezer or a washing machine. Providing these through our grants can offer relief from a critical situation.  Working with over 5000 voluntary sector or local authority partners across the UK, we are able to target support at those most in need: children and young people living with severe medical, emotional, social and financial issues.


As part of our Small Grants Programme, Buttle UK delivers Emergency Essentials grants.


Why we help:


3 out of every 10 children in Britain live in poverty.


Social difficulties such as domestic abuse, drug and alcohol misuse, homelessness, and mental health problems, are all worsened by financial hardship. Thousands of children across the UK are living without a bed to sleep on, or a hot home cooked meal due to being without basic items we take for granted.


Sleeping on the floor or on a broken or soiled bed can affect a child’s mental, physical and emotional well-being. They are less able to concentrate at school all day due to a lack of sleep, and may fall asleep in class - each of these outcomes may have a lasting effect on the child’s education, stability and happiness. £150 can buy a bed for a child, it will help them sleep better so they can wake up rested for the day ahead.


Without a fridge or a freezer families cannot keep food fresh or shop in quantity. Having to shop on a daily basis makes it harder to budget on a very low income, when it is already difficult to make ends meet. Without a cooker in the home children often have to rely on microwave meals, cold sandwiches or unhealthy take-aways. This unbalanced diet lacks the necessary nutrition needed to aid a child's development and allow them to thrive. £300 can buy a fridge-freezer or a cooker for a family to enable them to prepare healthy, fresh and hot meals for their children.


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